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The founders of Resilient CSP are ex-bankers of UAE and fully familiar with the procedures and documentation for opening bank accounts. The turnaround time and documentation for opening a bank account depends on the company profile (Structure, Activity, Nationality of key people, Jurisdiction, etc).

At Resilient CSP, we provide you complete information as to the requirements and documentation that you need to provide to open a bank account in UAE. Experience allows our experts to deal with the process to open a bank account in UAE in a timely manner, while knowledge and continuous work with different clients has left all important information at our experts’ fingertips. Depending on the clients’ requirements we assist in opening a personal and corporate bank account (Resident and Foreign Company) in UAE.

A foreign company is allowed to open a bank account in UAE, be it a BVI, Seychelles offshore company, or an MNC from anywhere in the world as long as it is able to furnish all the required documents formally notarized and attested by the UAE Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.